Paul Corrigan on the Health White Paper

Paul Corrigan - who, amongst many roles, is best-known for being Tony Blair's senior health policy adviser - has written on his blog an exceptional series on the coalition government's Health White Paper. Here in full are links to the whole series so far. If you have an interest in health and social care these links really are like gold.

  • The NHS White Paper - Overall architecture of the reforms
  • The White Paper - Some issues (Introduction)
  • The White Paper - Some issues (1)
  • The White Paper - Some issues (2)
  • The White Paper - Liberating the NHS and the independent sector
  • If nationalising GP commissioning is the answer then the Government is asking the wrong question
  • If you want a revolution don’t get the senior staff of the status quo to organise it for you, or “Meet the new boss - same as the old boss” (or meet the new regional office of the National Commissioning Board - just like the old SHA)
  • The White Paper - some issues (3) Who is providing health care and how are they organised?
  • The White Paper - some issues (4) What are the transactional relationships between commissioners and suppliers and how are they organised?

(via Patrick Butler)

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