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If you read the coverage of the mad, genius Russians winning the Nobel prize for physics you'll know that a bit of silliness (e.g. levitating a frog in a magnetic field, co-authoring a scientific paper with your pet hamster) can help to unlock the stickiest of problems.

So it's with that in mind - and leaving aside the immodesty of the allusion that Rich and I deserve to be bracketed in the same category as colossally brained physicists - that we think Nat Wei and his merry men should take serious note of the ideas generated by our #BogSociety crowdsourcing experiment (see here for a description of the genesis, and the first round-up of submissions). Drum-roll please:

PIGsociety: for all those with their snouts in the trough (from )
BIBsociety: in which babies are encouraged to volunteer from the earliest possible age (from )
RUGsociety: haberdashery folk gather around to discuss the worrying rise in the popularity of cheap laminate flooring (from )
TOGsociety: where we all just stay under the duvet til 2015 (from )

And then of course Rich and I couldn't resist sticking our respective oars in again, with:

NAGsociety: members of the public encouraged to vocally condemn non-community spirited behaviour e.g. littering, pushing into queues (Phil)
RIGsociety: ex-oil refinery workers become prison guards for free, supporting prisoners with their sense of isolation (Rich)

And true to form, rounds off with some smut:

TITSociety - Page 3/Nuts 'stunnas' clean the streets and provide 'comfort' to those in old people's homes
POOSociety - people bag up their shit and take it to the local waste to energy plant (I shit you not)
KOPsociety - Scousers get together to reminisce about the glory days and bemoan rich yanks

It may interest you to know that at university I co-edited (with a man called Pedro who now works at the Treasury) a student rag called the Bogsheet. Is 'bog' destined to be my very own rosebud, I wonder? Only time will tell.

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